I wonder whether most of you have abandoned the yoga practice. Chi has travelled and so has your yoga … far, far away. The personalized sequence you received via email still remains unopened and the yoga mat has not been used in weeks. I know you yearn for a good yoga practice. BUT! You are overworked, you are stressed, you simply didn’t find the time to practice. I KNOW!

Yesterday on the train from Berlin to Frankfurt I met a former client of mine. We sat together and spoke about life. Time flew. I told her about the busyness of working and living in Lagos. And she told me how an emotional setback affected her spiritual, psychological as well as her physical well-being. She admitted that when she needed to practice yoga most, she stopped. Does this sound familiar?

We know very well what works for us. We usually know what we need and we know what is good for us. But why do we abandon what is good when life takes its toll? Why do we rush our morning prayers just to leave the house a little bit earlier? Why do we cancel an appointment with a dear friend we haven’t seen in ages when we are able to squeeze in a business meeting instead? Why do we rush our food when the day is packed? And why don’t we practice yoga when we need it most? Isn’t it so much more essential to slow down when we don’t seem to have the time?

When I completed my yoga therapy certification programme last week I realized that yoga therapists and yoga instructors have fundamentally different objectives. Whereas a yoga instructor wants you to feel comfortable and possibly help you de-stress, rebalance or regain strength and flexibility, the yoga therapist, who primarily works with people who encounter physical constraints, wants you to become proactive. She or he not only cares but helps promote self-healing and independence by encouraging you to practice on your own.

It clearly is not your fault and the choice is yours. But the plain truth is that we can only heal when we make wise decisions over and over and over again. We need to practice again and again and again in order to manifest healing and transformation.

Yoga is more than exercising asanas (poses). It is a holistic body-mind-practice. Many yoga practitioners have a devoted asana practice but neglect the holistic view of what yoga is all about. There are eight limps to yoga and flowing through ‘Downward Dog’ and ‘Cat Pose’ is just one minor aspect of it. We not only focus on the physical postures but also practice breathing techniques and self-discipline, we meditate and focus.

So what can you actually do to make yoga a habit?

Roll out your mat every day! The probability that you will practice at least for a few minutes is higher than if you don’t.

Your yoga is yours only. And you are special.

Chi’s Yoga reminds you of what you need most.

You are blessed.

Chi’s Yoga – Your yoga is yours only!™

Yoga! When You Need it Most