I have diversified my offerings to meet your needs in times when we need the yoga practice most.

This is what you get:


Get your private 1 to 1 yoga class online. This is what it may look like. It really works. This way I serve clients who either have left Nigeria or prefer this option. For further details feel free to contact me HERE!


Get your private 1 to 1 yoga class at your home. I strictly adhere to the following sanitary protocols to ensure your and my safety:

  • I wear a face mask.
  • I wash and sanitize my hands upon entering and leaving your premises.
  • I keep physical distance of 1.5 to 2 meters.
  • I no longer supply props for classes. Please use your own mat and props.
  • No hands-on adjustments. It actually works without! I made a video about this. Watch it HERE!

For further information please CONTACT ME HERE!


In March 2020 I moved the weekly group class online. Initially, I wasn’t eager to offer a virtual group class. Although I’ve experienced the benefits of practicing remotely with a few of my private clients before.

But I realized that a virtual yoga class is a very powerful tool to reconnect with the lovely ladies and gentlemen you miss seeing every single week. And funny enough, it enabled me to reconnect with a few of you who left Nigeria.

It’s an intimate setting that allows us to focus and reconnect. It’s of utmost importance to secure this space for a deeper sense of healing and recreation.

If you want to join this session and reconnect with the faces and stories you probably won’t meet face-to-face for a while, please CONTACT ME HERE and you’ll receive further information.

Get a glimpse HERE!

You can gain multiple benefits from practicing yoga on a regular basis. Yoga clients report better sleep, increased energy levels and muscle tone, relief from muscle pain, back problems, and stiffness, weight loss, improved circulation, and overall better general health. Get a first taste of Chi’s Yoga online video classes here.

For inquiries about our private home service Radical healing, Radical transformation™ please click here!

We look forward to practicing with you!