I have some really talented clients. Talent in this regard doesn’t depend on age or experience. They just have a natural gift for movement in general and yoga per se. And we do have great classes together.

One of my clients lives in Ikoyi. Her focus amazes me and I honestly feel blessed to observe her progress. And then I wonder: Why does she only practise when I am around? This phenomenon actually applies to 80 percent of my clients. They do enjoy their practice but then wait for the next session with Chi. I mean yes, I am getting paid for this. And yes, this is my business. However, I define my role as your yoga instructor as the person that helps YOU understand YOUR body. YOU are the one doing the actual work, and changes are taking place in YOUR life.

I personally needed yoga most when studying for my Ph.D. at the Technical University Berlin in Germany. Sitting at the computer all day long, being isolated from the rest of the world, and writing about abstract forms of communication made me practise on a daily basis. I created a new routine:I got up early, rode my bicycle to the yoga studio, practised Ashtanga Yoga for about two hours (that’s the style of yoga I personally practise), got a fresh juice, went back home, set the priorities for the day and then sat at the computer for the rest of the day. This wasn’t always funny. But you start craving for it: your body feels differently, your mind is focused, and you are disciplined – on all levels. By creating this new habit I was able to complete my doctorate, publish my work and record my second solo jazz album (listen to HOME here).

When I joined Pan-African University (now Pan-Atlantic University) as one of the youngest members of faculty I recalled those days of freedom. There I was where I thought God wanted me to be: with the opportunity to facilitate, consult and change the lives of youth in order to change Nigeria. But I realised that neither youth nor institution were ready for a change. Both simply wanted what they paid for! I was devastated. I sat in meetings and on panels that neither made sense to me nor created sustainable impact. And I really missed my daily yoga practice. I felt trapped. But what next? How to be independent in a place like Lagos and have enough kobo in your pocket? How to be an entrepreneur and benefit peoples lives? How to introduce Lagos to a different lifestyle? Was yoga the answer? And is Lagos ready for this? Family and friends were worried since I seemingly had all it took to enjoy a fabulous career at the university! I prayed about it for months and finally knew that my mission was bigger than pleasing other people. Three years later I can boldly say, yes – Lagos is definitely ready for Chi’s Yoga!

Make yoga a habit, and change your life! Ten minutes every day and some additional classes with Chi will truly make a difference.

You are blessed!

Chi’s Yoga – Your yoga is yours only!™

If you have questions about the concept of habits please Contact Us and/or read The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change by Charles Duhigg. This book blew my mind!

What my Clients Know That You Don’t: How Yoga Can Change Your Habits