My dad detests Lagos. To him it is too crowded, too messy, too loud, too confusing … in short: It is too much wahala. He only comes when he wants to fly out. Other than that he prefers to stay in the village. There life is slower, calmer and much more family-oriented. But although he is slim, watches his diet, and eats fruit on a daily basis, he has to watch his blood pressure.

Hypertension increasingly becomes a problem in Nigeria. In the past the treatment of communicable diseases like malaria or tuberculosis were the main focus of health services. But in recent years non-infectious conditions have become a major challenge. According to the WHO, hypertension, one of the most prevalent non-communicable conditions worldwide, has the highest prevalence on the African continent with an estimated 46% of adults aged 25 and above.

Lagos is a megacity. And our speedy lifestyles have allowed the culture of fast-food to thrive. Gone are the days when our children desired the flavour of a well-cooked soup. Instant Noodles have long become the most favourite food of Nigerian kids across all social groups. And the more our lifestyles change, the more we will suffer self-inflicted diseases.

While a balanced diet, good oils and lifestyle changes can make a major difference (please check out this link to learn more about the healing powers of Cayenne Pepper), your daily dose of yoga may equally help improve your quality of life.

This study reveals that yoga is a potentially effective therapy for making it less likely for you to develop cardiovascular diseases. The research, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, finds that yoga could be a useful tool in reducing heart-related illness.

One may attend the next studio class or book a private session in order to enjoy the benefits of yoga. But yoga per se is a self-practice. And each practitioner should feel entitled to her or his own yoga.

Chi’s Yoga helps you enjoy the effectiveness of yoga.

You are blessed.

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The Effectiveness Of Yoga: How to Avoid Hypertension