Most of my clients are stiff. They complain of stiff necks and shoulders, legs and lower backs. But why do we get stiff?

Our bodies tighten in order to avoid or minimize an impact of pain. Muscles tense in readiness for combat or to flee danger. This is a natural mechanism. It is essential for survival and activated whenever we are under pressure – physically and/or emotionally.

In response to this crisis we need to relax – thoroughly. Problems may only arise if we don’t.

We can actually spend our whole lives in an unconscious and unnecessary state of tense alert. Perhaps you may notice symptoms such as overall fatigue? It is very tiring to hold the body in constant readiness for battle. And our stiff muscles forget how to fully relax.

I am usually a bit stiff in the lower back when I start my yoga practice. But when I get to the 3rd repetition of Sun Salutation A, movements are flowing and my back feels great!

Stretching helps the muscles to relax. It informs the brain that the emergency has passed. It re-educates the body out of habitually held stress-induced postures reminding it of what a healthy posture feels like.

This doesn’t happen over night. Keep stretching regularly and unlearn. After decades of abusing particular body parts, stretching helps to re-balance and fine-tune your system.

Chi’s Yoga helps you stretch the pain away.

You are blessed!

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Stretch Yogi Stretch: How Yoga Helps You Stretch the Pain Away