[please note that actual names have been changed]

‘Chi, I am pregnant.’

I have known Doris for a while. In the past she had invited me to a few parties she hosted. And I was very happy to hear the good news.

‘And let me tell you’, she continued, ‘I want to be a sexy mama. I want to look good, be trim and sexy. I want the perfect pregnancy and delivery. So, I want us to work on my arms, abs and legs. Can you do that?’

I paused. And I listened. And I took a deep breath. And then we got started.

Already in her 3rd session Doris told me that she wanted an easy class. She started to feel uncomfortable when working her core. After her last aerobics class she experienced some discomfort in her belly. I smiled.

This session set the tone for all our future yoga classes. We focussed on pelvis, back, breathing and stretching, flowed from asana to asana.

In the past few years I have accompanied several ladies during their pregnancy. Prenatal yoga differs from a regular yoga class. The body of a pregnant woman changes so quickly. And it is very important to flow and not hold the poses (or asana) for too long. Starting to work your abdominal muscles during pregnancy especially when you haven’t worked them before really is not advisable.

When working with these ladies I learnt that they had to come to terms with the fact that they were no longer in charge of their bodies. Another being had taken over. And that was difficult to accept, for all of them. And each pregnancy is very different from the other.

A few ladies who hadn’t practised yoga before they got pregnant started practising yoga regularly during their pregnancy. They sought the benefits of yoga for a healthy and safe delivery. Olu stressed that the yoga practice made her feel light. Breathing and stretching allowed her to feel more at ease and more comfortable in her body. Funmi enjoyed working her pelvis and lower back. It helped her relief back pain. Jane stopped practising when she got pregnant because she constantly felt drained. And in her 8th month Maureen and Uche still sought their power work-out, wanting the extra push.

But no matter if you are pregnant or not. Yoga is all about good health and well-being. And the breath here is key.

Please place your fingers on your belly. And take a deep breath. Fill your abs with oxygen, notice your stomach expanding and smile. Notice the movement of your fingers on your body. Do this regularly and feel a difference in your life.

Yoga makes a difference. And Chi’s Yoga helps you experience this very difference.

You are blessed.

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Sexy Mama: Does Prenatal Yoga Make a Difference?