Most of my clients are professionals and their lifestyles take a serious toll on their physical well-being. We spend most sessions fixing necks, shoulders and backs, knees and hips. Individual challenges here appear as a major hindrance.

But what if your stiff neck became free, tight shoulders lose, hips flexible and weak knees strong? What if your biggest challenge became your biggest strength? I personally find it critical to understand the difference between fixing a posture and changing it. This distinction to me is subtle but fundamental.

When we fix our postures, we actively do something to achieve an immediate result. We either twist the spine, strengthen the back, stretch the thighs or strengthen the core in order to feel relief. But when we change, we unlearn. And this means we stop doing. We have become. Change happens at a much deeper level than a fix.

After her last fix I asked a client how she felt. She said that she felt great, her neck better and her body more fluid. And then she stepped in front of her big mirror to take a closer look at herself. She then asked me what she could do in order to maintain her ‘new’ posture.

Unfortunately, a mirror doesn’t change your posture. A mirror helps you look at the surface. Your image may encourages you to suck in your belly or pull your shoulders back or tighten up your jaw. And this might prevent change.

When we practice yoga we learn to unlearn. A regular practice helps us allocate, understand and dismantle old habits and ultimately change our posture. We free our bodies and stop fixing. We start to heal.

A few hours on the mat eventually influence our lives off the mat. Your yoga practice helps you get a better understanding of your body. It helps you get closer to yourself. And once we have imbibed the practice our bodies naturally change. The formula lies within you.

Teach yourself by learning about yourself! Heal by understanding your body.
Chi’s Yoga helps you own your yoga.

You are blessed.

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Real Change Goes Beyond the Quick Fix: How to Own Your Yoga