Yoga really can be practised by everyone. Whether young or old, healthy or sick. Whether lady or gent, adult or child. Each individual simply has to be taught at a pace that is suitable for his or her specific life situation and physical predisposition.

Conducting yoga classes in Lagos really teaches me a lot. In fact, I become the student not the teacher. You teach me to observe and to listen to your body’s needs. You teach me to be patient and kind. You teach me neither to envy, to boast nor to be proud. I am learning the greatest thing in the world (1 Corinthians 13: 4-13).

Lagos is a crazy place. And we have entered the craziest of all seasons in Eko: One function after the other, couples signing up for the wedding-marathon, tailors who have to be reminded, directed and corrected, nails that need to be fixed, not to talk of our HAIR. Wahala don start! It is official. Christmas is around the corner!

My clients usually practise individually or in small groups. They are good friends, husband and wife, priest and congregation, or something in-between. Hopefully, they do have a good session, but most importantly they spend quality time together. They breathe together, sweat and laugh together. Practising yoga with a person you respect, love and care for while bringing close attention to your individual needs is an awesome experience.

It is a fallacy to presume that we know best those people we see regularly. Family dynamics are a universe on its own which shape our perspective on life tremendously. We do talk to one another, but really, when last did we talk with one another?

I listened to a radio broadcast the other day. This programme dealt with the most profound reason for alienation in general and divorce in particular: TIME! We are over-booked, over-planned and over-stressed. And we are constantly under the impression that we lack time. Instead of spending quality time with our loved-ones, we try to fit them into our schedules.

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, a husband-and-wife team, help people build healthy relationships. The authors assert that SIXTY seconds ONLY can make a difference. They suggest that the first minute you step into the door should be devoted to the person you share your life with. Surely this is not the time to assign tasks: ONE MINUTE OF FULL ATTENTION TO THE OTHER will set the tone for the rest of the day. And I wonder: If 60 seconds a day can change a relationship, 60 minutes a day will surely transform your life!

Let’s slow down and spend more time learning, listening and observing.

Chi’s Yoga helps you enjoy quality time.

You are blessed.

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