I’m an Upholder. What does that mean?

Have you noticed that the simple things that promote well-being are super easy to do? Like going for a 10-min walk, having a green salad every day or practicing yoga for 5 minutes a day? But have you noticed too that they are also just as easy NOT to do?

Well, according to Gretchen Rubin we all fall into one out of four categories. In her best-selling book “The Four Tendencies,” she explains four personality types:

  1. The Upholder. Upholders generally meet both inner and outer expectations, meaning they don’t let others or themselves down. Those of you who know me won’t be surprised. It doesn’t really matter to me if I promise myself something or someone else. I keep my word! And if I don’t, I feel really bad about it. This may explain why people like me won’t find it difficult to implement new habits. We create a framework for it and stick to it. It’s as simple as that.

I know what you are thinking right now. This sounds perfect. I want to be an upholder too! But trust me, each personality type has pros AND cons. There is at least one downside to being an upholder. People like me can seem quite rigid or cold. We can stick to our plan no matter what. Even if this means missing a spontaneous invitation by a dear friend. Have you missed our post on Why Chi’s Yoga is Military? Read it here.

  1. The Rebel. Rebels are exact opposites from me, they resist any form of expectation, outer as well as inner. Rebels only will do what they feel like doing. Freedom motivates them. They want to have a choice at all times. Rebels value authenticity, integrity and self-determination. Which means if you ask a rebel to do something, he or she will resist.

This makes it challenging to persuade rebels. When communicating with a rebel, we need to be creative and need to emphasize aspects like fun and freedom. Instead of saying: “You have to be there.” We can say: “This will be fun!” Instead of mentioning the deadline, we can challenge a rebel by saying: “I’m sure you can’t finish your project on time!”

Why do I say all this? Just bear with me. I have fantastic news for you. The Chi’s Yoga App is here! Keep reading to find out more.

  1. The Questioner. Questioners doubt all expectations. But they only meet inner expectations, and the ones they make their own. As a consequence, they do things only if they think they make sense. Questioners need justification, no matter what other people say. They are great assets to companies because they want to work effectively. And in order to do exactly that, they ask questions. A lot of them.

When communicating with questioners, we can learn to understand their input as an asset rather than obstruction. Questioners can help us break out of set thoughts and behavioural patterns.

  1. The Obliger. Most of my students and clients are obligers. Obligers easily meet outer expectations, but find it hard to meet inner expectations. They will never miss a work deadline, but have trouble to work out on their own. Obligers are motivated by external accountability, but can’t seem to hold themselves accountable.

If you are struggling to get things done, create a system of outer expectation. You may need a form of external accountability, like accountability partners or groups, to change unhealthy habits and routines. This can mean joining a runner’s club to run regularly, taking a language class with weekly assignments or getting your Chi’s Yoga Self-accountability App to stick to your home yoga practice.

If you can’t already guess your personality type, take your online quiz here and find out how you can start to transform.

I know, change is difficult alone. But together we can make it work, no matter your personality type!

The Chi’s Yoga App is here.

What’s the Chi’s Yoga App?
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The Chi’s Yoga App is Here