Dear Yogi,

Do you work and sit and stress a lot? Are you anxious? Do you have trouble sleeping at night and have endless thoughts? Do you have a really hard time winding down?

But you actually need to find something to help you deal with the changes in your life and the added stress you are accumulating? You don’t want to be so quick to stress out over things and genuinely feel better about life and yourself? Wouldn’t you want to feel a lot more calm and eventually fall asleep?

Then Radical Healing, Radical Transformation™ gets yoga to click for you.

When Tope came to one of my studio classes some weeks ago she said that her doctor prescribed yoga to her. She suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and really wanted to work on it. Practicing yoga, I believe, is a good start. But clearly, it takes more than a single yoga session to regain inner stability.

I think the biggest frustration is when we can’t go deep enough. A single private or group class often doesn’t allow enough space to go deeper and explain things further.

When I travelled to Germany I met a former client of mine. We sat together and spoke about life. Time flew. I told her about the busyness of working and living in Lagos. And she told me how an emotional setback affected her spiritual, psychological as well as her physical well-being. She admitted that when she needed to practice yoga most, she stopped. Does this sound familiar?

We know very well what works for us. We usually know what we need and we know what is good for us. But why do we abandon what is good when life takes its toll? Why do we rush our morning prayers just to leave the house a little bit earlier? Why do we cancel an appointment with a dear friend we haven’t seen in ages when we are able to squeeze in a business meeting instead? Why do we rush our food when the day is packed? And why don’t we slow down when we don’t seem to have the time?

When I completed my yoga therapy certification programme I realized that yoga therapists and yoga instructors have fundamentally different objectives. Whereas a yoga instructor wants you to feel comfortable and possibly help you de-stress, re-balance or regain strength and flexibility, the yoga therapist, who primarily works with people who encounter physical constraints, wants you to become proactive. She or he not only cares but helps promote self-healing and independence by encouraging you to practice on your own.

It clearly is not your fault and the choice is yours. But the plain truth is that we can only heal when we make wise decisions over and over and over again. We need to practice again and again and again in order to manifest healing and transformation.

Overcome depression without pumping your body with chemicals! Developing meditative awareness in everyday life helps us stay focused. Visualization and affirmations are powerful tools to achieve this. They constitute the fifth pillar of the Chi’s Yoga Method™.

Chi’s Yoga is your personalized healthy yoga. It is my mission to help you own your yoga. We understand that everyBODY is different. And so is your yoga. Your yoga is yours only!™

Radical Healing, Radical Transformation™ gives us time and space to heal. It is a personalized and very exclusive 6-week program that provides you with a way of life that enhances who you really are. This is your opportunity to truly change. Twelve one-on-one 60-minute yoga classes over the period of 6 weeks will help you understand the very essence of yoga. All this in the comfort of your own home!

Give me six weeks and together we will re-shape your body, re-wire the way you eat and the way you think. Together we will learn techniques that help re-invite clarity of mind, peace and joy. You will feel more energized and will learn how to de-stress. This proactive approach ensures a very unique experience suiting your very personal needs.

Radical Healing, Radical Transformation™ is NOT for everyone. And it clearly is not for Bikram lovers and work-out freaks. Radical Healing, Radical Transformation™ is for yoga beginners and intermediate practitioners who want to stop fixing and start healing. It is for those who want to overcome depression without pumping their bodies with chemicals. It is for those who want to be their own chiropractor. It is for those who want to understand the very essence of yoga. This program is for everyone who seeks to own her or his yoga. Spend time healing!

The 1st cycle of Radical healing, Radical transformation™ will run from 9 January to 18 February 2017. Please contact me here if you want to know more. This program, however, is very exclusive. Hence, space is limited.

Trust me, I only want to work with people who seriously want to change. Please forward this message to 5 people you think seek radical change.

If you want to know more about how I practice, join my weekly yoga classes in Ikoyi-Lagos.

Also feel free to read last week’s Reset Your Body, in case you missed it.

You are blessed.

Chi’s Yoga – Your yoga is yours only!™

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