Yoga isn’t magical. It is radical. Yoga changes your life!

Within a period of three or four months one of my clients living in Ikoyi got cured from a numb finger and a stiff wrist, and on top of that, lost four kilos. Another client of mine, who lives in Lekki, experienced something similar: Within a period of two months she started taking healthier lunch-packages to work, and today she feels more balanced in life and her love-handles are melting away. One of my clients from Ikeja stopped eating meat (and yes white meat is also meat, and not a vegetable). Thank God she didn’t lose weight, since that clearly is not her challenge.

I asked all three of them what happened. And all ladies basically said the same thing: They just felt like adding more fruits and veggies to their diet. They just felt like having lighter food. They just felt like having dinner at an earlier time. You just start feeling like it …

Practising yoga is not about losing weight, practising yoga is about changing your lifestyle. And food is a reflection of your lifestyle. Yoga helps you re-create a well-balanced life: You start drinking more water, definitely because Chi says so at the end of each session, but especially because you feel like it. You start craving for a healthier lifestyle and add more veggies and fruits to your diet, you stop having late dinners, and you feel less stressed. You have not put yourself on a diet or a particular programme, you have simply started practising and have become more receptive. You finally listen to your body’s needs and have stopped ignoring its signs of imbalance. You are discovering the real you!

I read a lot of blogs written by people who either have cured cancer, stokes, arthritis or heart-attacks using alternative methods. These sites oftentimes are fancy and hip, they create a major hype and have a huge amount of followers. Fans claim that a particular person has changed their lives. Jess Ainscough – The Wellness Warrior – is a great example. Check out her website. The now 28-year-old Australian beauty cured her cancer by changing her diet and lifestyle following the approach of the Gerson Institute. Today, about 35,000 people follow Jess on facebook and she developed a very clever businesses model out of her experience.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I am fascinated by stories like these. But why do we wait until it is almost too late? Jess, for example, describes herself as a “champagne-guzzling, drug-poppin’, sleep-deprived, perpetually hungover” and deeply imbalanced 22-year-old party girl when she learned about her disease. She, today, is the living proof that wellness starts in your mind.

Our bodies constantly communicate with us and send us warning signs. But most times we simply ignore these signals. We wait until we fall sick and have an excuse to stay in bed. We wait until our immune system is down, and we no longer are able to function like we used to. We wait until we have a nervous breakdown until we make an attempt of changing our routine. But, I believe, we don’t have to wait this long!

It is about time to invite wellness, well-being, and self-healing into your life! Simply learn how to listen to your body and transform your life. God provided everything we need: Most of us are given bodies that once treated the right way function perfectly.

Chi’s Yoga helps you listen to your body more attentively. Simply keep up the practise.

You are blessed!


Easter is around the corner and Chi’s Yoga is going on an educational retreat. I’m planning on travelling to Europe to visit family and friends, improve on my own yoga practice and partake in as many workshops as possible. Once I am back to Lagos, Chi’s Amazing Health eNewsletter will resume with biweekly updates on yoga, lifestyle and self-healing. Meanwhile, keep up the good practice and visit Happy Easter in advance!

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