My clients often tell me that age restricts them. They tell me that age does not allow them to perform certain moves. They also tell me that when I am their age, I will surely understand what they talk about.

I do agree to a certain extent. Yes, we grow up. And yes, we grow older. And yes, our bodies do change in the course of time. I have definitely changed. I am no longer a girl but a woman and my body reflects that. However, I also do believe that with God’s help, all things are possible. And the transformation I observe in my clients reinforces my faith. Most of us were healthy children, and most of us can be healthy adults. It is never too late to change the condition of your body. Yoga helps you age gracefully.

I’ve practiced yoga for more than ten years, and in my life I have never felt this energetic and fit before. Not that I wasn’t working out. I believe I have attempted all kinds of work-out, from team sports to individualistic approaches. The only thing I never did was weight-lifting, since I add muscle weight too quickly. However, neither Basketball – I played for 10 years – nor jogging, Pilates, or Aerobics offered me what I found in Yoga – a holistic exercise.

I wasn’t always this healthy. And it is easy to forget the progress we make while practicing yoga. Healing comes in stages and looking at it in retrospect, it is a wonder. I remember suffering from a weak spleen: my nose was constantly blocked and my digestion slow. I drank all sorts of Chinese herbal teas, prepared my own agbo, changed my diet and underwent acupuncture. This was more than eight years ago. Today, I hardly remember having issues, I hardly recall a time when those symptoms mentioned were normal. And I continuously urge my clients to recollect the progress they make. We must not take healing for granted.

The fundamental benefits of a regular yoga practice are often not visible. These take place within your body and surface only much later. People might ask if you lost weight, if you use a different kind of make-up or if you are in love. They cannot put their finger on what it is that actually changed, but they do notice THAT something changed. YOU ARE CHANGING!

If you still think that you are too old, too small, too big, too skinny, too ill, too whatever to practice yoga, check out Tao Porchon-Lynch. She is a living testimony and has been named the oldest yoga teacher in the world by Guinness World Records. The 96-year-old, who has had a hip replacement, says: There is nothing you cannot do. Doctors prognosticated that she would never be able to practice yoga again in her life. But to me – this looks quite like the opposite. Enjoy the clip here (and watch out for the Sun Salutation)!

Chi’s Yoga helps you change. Simply have faith and keep practicing!

You are blessed.

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It’s Never Too Late: How Yoga Helps You Age Gracefully