It is natural.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale …

And we take it for granted, our breath. It is the first and the last. And as long as we live, we breathe.

Breath is life.

Please, take a moment. And pay attention to your breathing. WHAT do you feel? And WHERE do you feel WHAT you feel?

Do you remember when last you took a deep breath? The kind of breath that makes you feel at ease. The kind of breath that deeply satisfies you. The kind of breath that brings a smile to your lips. The kind of breath that gives life?

After his last yoga class a student mentioned that he was able to breathe deeper than before the class. He smiled. What happened?

In hatha yoga we breathe through the nose. Long and deep regular breaths replace shallow and short breathing patterns. Inhalation as well as exhalation become a conscious effort. Ideally you notice the shape of your cavities change. You understand the function of the diaphragm in the process of respiration. And you listen to the sound of your breathing.

We begin to bring utmost focus to the most inherent processes of our bodies. The breath allows us to connect at a deeper level and helps us reveal the more profound aspects of our yoga practice. We get a better understanding of our bodies and we are calmer. By increasing the flow of oxygen we not only revitalize our bodies but promote healing and recreation.

Each asana (or yoga pose) here represents an induced stress situation wherein we learn to relax. Discomfort and misalignment reinforce tension in the body and shallowness of breath. Bringing awareness to these principles enables us to break a habit and implement change.

It is especially when the yoga practice gets tough that students and clients new to yoga tend to forget their new breathing pattern and start to breathe through the mouth. Reenacting their old habitual breathing pattern seems to provide comfort and security. But this is a fallacy.

On the yoga mat we can start to change our lives off the mat. We learn to unlearn. And the breath here is key.

Come and practice with me. Join me for a simple breathing exercise that helps calm your nervous system.

In 5 minutes you will learn how to practice your breathing. Plug in your headphones and get amazing health.

Change a little bit. Every day. And then realize that you have changed.

Chi’s Yoga helps you take a deep breath.

You are blessed.

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How to Practice Your Breathing: 5 Minutes That Make a Difference