Do you work and sit and stress a lot? Do you spend hours at the computer? Have your back, neck and shoulders began to bother you? Does your neck crouch forward throughout the day putting strain on your whole body? Has your breathing become very shallow?

But wouldn’t you actually like to relieve your neck and shoulder pain and fix your posture as well? Wouldn’t it be great to feel stronger, more confident and more energized?

Then register for your monthly workshop here! FREE AT LAST is your answer to constant pain.

Yoga has chiropractic benefits. It helps you counter the negative mental and physical effects of prolonged periods of inactivity and poor posture. Chi’s Yoga helps you own your yoga.

Every last Saturday of the month we will explore yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques focusing on one particular topic to promote healthy living and transformation in our lives. The level of instruction is personalized to suit your individual needs. Each workshop is limited to 4 PEOPLE!

*** If you feel acute pain due to injury, illness or surgery, this workshop, unfortunately, is not the right fit for you. ***

26 January 2019: Learn How To Get Rid Of Your NECK PAIN

30 March 2019: Learn How To Get Rid Of Your SHOULDER PAIN

September 2019: Learn How To Get Deeper Breaths

N22,500 (early bird discount, ends 10 days to date); N25,000 (regular price)

In Ikoyi-Lagos.

On the last Saturday every two months from 8-11am.

*How many?
2-4 people only.

Because you deserve it!

We really look forward to practicing with you!