Dear Yogi,

Has your breathing become very shallow? Do you sometimes stop breathing for more seconds than is healthy?

Do you feel you want to be taught how to breathe and be more aware of your breath?

Then Radical Healing, Radical Transformation™ gets yoga to click for you.

I think the biggest frustration is when we can’t go deep enough. A single private or group class often doesn’t allow enough space to go deeper and explain things further.

On Wednesday a new yoga student asked me what exactly it means to breathe into a particular body part. His seemingly simple question deals with the very essence of yoga. And as you can imagine it is hard to explain this in just a few sentences.

Yoga is a body-and-mind practice led by the breath. And if you take it seriously, it could be the beginning of livelong transformation.

After his last yoga class another student mentioned that he was able to breathe deeper than before the class. He smiled. What happened?

In hatha yoga we breathe through the nose. Long and deep regular breaths replace shallow and short breathing patterns. Inhalation as well as exhalation become a conscious effort. Ideally you notice the shape of your cavities change. You understand the function of the diaphragm in the process of respiration. And you listen to the sound of your breathing.

We begin to bring utmost focus to the most inherent processes of our bodies. The breath allows us to connect at a deeper level and helps us reveal the more profound aspects of our yoga practice. We get a better understanding of our bodies and we are calmer. By increasing the flow of oxygen we not only revitalize our bodies but promote healing and recreation.

On the yoga mat we can start to change our lives off the mat. We learn to unlearn. And the breath here is key. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the breath equally constitutes the most important pillar of the Chi’s Yoga Method™.

Chi’s Yoga is your personalized healthy yoga. It is my mission to help you own your yoga. We understand that everyBODY is different. And so is your yoga. Your yoga is yours only!™

Radical Healing, Radical Transformation™ gives us time and space to heal. It is a personalized and very exclusive 6-week program that provides you with a way of life that enhances who you really are. This is your opportunity to truly change. Twelve one-on-one 60-minute yoga classes over the period of 6 weeks will help you understand the very essence of yoga. All this in the comfort of your own home!

I will assess your breath and will help you unlearn unhealthy habits. Together we will implement holistic lifestyle changes. This proactive approach ensures a very unique experience suiting your very personal needs.

Did you know that an underlying cause of cancer is low cellular oxygenation levels? Increasing the oxygen levels in the cells may kill cancerous cells. I will help you feed your cells with oxygen to keep any sickness at bay.

Radical Healing, Radical Transformation™ is NOT for every one. And it clearly is not for Bikram lovers and work-out freaks. Radical Healing, Radical Transformation™ is for yoga beginners and intermediate practitioners who want to stop fixing and start healing. It is for those who want to overcome depression without pumping their bodies with chemicals. It is for those who want to be their own chiropractor. It is for those who want to understand the very essence of yoga. This program is for everyone who seeks to own her or his yoga. Spend time healing!

Come and practice with me. Click here to get your first free breathing exercise. In 5 minutes you will learn how to practice your breathing. Plug in your headphones and get amazing health.

The 1st cycle of Radical healing, Radical transformation™ will run from 9 January to 18 February 2017. Please contact me here if you want to know more.

Trust me, I only want to work with people who seriously want to change. Please forward this message to 5 people you think seek radical change.

If you want to know more about how I practice, join my weekly yoga classes in Ikoyi-Lagos.

Also read the latest article in the New York Times on how controlled breathing may promote good health.

You are blessed.

Chi’s Yoga – Your yoga is yours only!™

Feed Your Cells With Oxygen: How to Keep any Sickness at Bay