Q: Why is it so difficult to get Chi on the phone?
I’m usually in and out of yoga sessions and switch my phone off for most time of the day. The best way to get through to me is via email. Thank you! I can really recommend Cal Newport’s book DEEP WORK on rules for focused success in a distracted world.

Q: How can we practice yoga during Covid-19?
There are multiple ways you can practice yoga during Covid-19.
1. Practice with me ONLINE HERE and practice at your own leisure!
2. Join the WEEKLY VIRTUAL GROUP CLASS HERE and connect with like-minded yogis who want to feel more alive in their bodies.
3. Book YOUR PRIVATE VIRTUAL 1 ON 1 with me!
4. Book YOUR PRIVATE IN-HOUSE 1 ON 1 with me!

Q: What is yoga?
Yoga is a holistic approach of connecting, aligning and harmonizing body and mind by using the means of physical exercise led by the breath. It is a body-and-mind practice that aims to help you strengthen and heal body and mind.

Q: Is yoga a religion?
No, it is not! Please read the full article here.

Q: Can yoga help me lose weight?
Yes, it can! Please read the full article here.