Yoga is not a female discipline. Men too can be dedicated yogis. A significant fraction of my private clients are male. They either take individual classes or team up with their spouses. Also, about 30% of my studio clients are men.

I personally enjoy practising with men. Those who sign up are very serious about their yoga practice. They enjoy yoga as a work-out and as a way to improve their overall well-being.

But, are you man enough for yoga? In this series we address the special needs of men who practise yoga. But, of course, they apply to yoginis too. Have you missed part 1? No problem! Feel free to re-read it here.

Get strength and flexibility
Most men are physically strong. They lift heavy weights, do high intensity training or other forms of work-out. And this applies to most of my male clients too.

One of them lives in Lekki. He got in touch with me via email and scheduled a trial yoga session. Today, he is a devoted yogi.

When he began his yoga practice in October 2014 his simple objective was to touch his toes. And I knew we had a long way to go. His body is strong but super tight and I have to use my full body weight to adjust most of his poses. Hence, we started to work on the flexibility of his spine, his lower back and the backs of his thighs (hamstrings).

Now he can touch his toes, his neck appears longer, and he sleeps better. In one of the last yoga classes of 2015 I reminded him that it was about time to fire me. The desired objective was achieved and his personalized sequence allows him to progress even when I’m not around. But he replied: ‘I am just getting started.’

A healthy muscle is strong and flexible. If your muscles are strong but tight, you lack range of motion. And as a result, your body feels stiff. But if you happen to be overstretched, you are hyper-mobile and can easily tear a muscle due to lack of strength.

In yoga we seek strength and flexibility. And this is a lifelong process.

Yoga really is for everyone seeking good health and well-being, no matter the gender, age or level of experience. It is a fantastic way of re-awakening the body to its full potential.

And Chi’s Yoga is definitely man enough for yoga.

You are blessed.

Chi’s Yoga – Your yoga is yours only!™

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Do Men Practise Yoga? (Part 2)
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