Yoga is not a female discipline. Men too can be dedicated yogis. A significant fraction of my private clients are male. They either take individual classes or team up with their spouses. Also, about 30% of my studio clients are men.

I personally enjoy practising with men. Those who sign up are very serious about their yoga practice. They enjoy yoga as a work-out and as a way to improve their overall well-being.

Jake Panasevic has designed yoga classes addressing the special needs of male yogis and helps to take their yoga practice to the next level. Here in Lagos, Chi’s Yoga can help too.

But are you man enough for yoga? Over the next few weeks and months I plan to publish posts that address issues that I have noticed to be of particular interest to my male clients. These include:

1) Get strength and flexibility
2) Work on your posture
3) Ease your back pain
4) Focus, breathe and relax.

I am sure yoginis are thinking, well these topics apply to us too. Yes, indeed.

Yoga really is for everyone seeking good health and well-being, no matter the gender, age or level of experience. Like one of my client’s says, it “conserves” the body.

And Chi’s Yoga is definitely man enough for yoga.

You are blessed.

Chi’s Yoga – Your yoga is yours only!™

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Do Men Practise Yoga? (Part 1)
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