Chi’s Yoga fundamentally is about breath, mind, and body work. We teach you the principles of holistic healing and transformation and encourage you to become your own best teacher.

The Chi’s Yoga Method™ constitutes of seven pillars:

1. Breath: Breath is life. In the busyness of every-day-life we develop unhealthy breathing patterns. Explore the volume of your unique breath and understand basic breathing techniques. Learn how to transform your shallow breath into a healing experience.
2. Strength & Flexibility: A healthy muscle is strong and flexible. Bodily aches and pains often occur due to an imbalance in the soft tissues. Strengthen your weak muscles and stretch the ones that are tight. And learn how to feel healthy, strong and flexible.
3. Balance & Focus: Physical and emotional balance are essential to good physical and mental health. Especially as we get older we lose balance and literally start to lose control. We feel lost. Learn how to stay centered.
4. Posture & Alignment: Poor posture is often a reflection of our lifestyles. Good posture, however, reflects a balanced body, mind and breath. We incorporate the principles of Alexander Technique to help re-align you. Learn how to naturally sit straight.
5. Visualization & Affirmations: Developing meditative awareness in everyday life helps us stay focused. Embodied negative affirmations, however, tend to drag us down. We feel stressed. Visualization techniques can serve as a means of re-inviting clarity of mind, peace and joy. Learn how to de-stress.
6. Food & Habits: Food is a reflection of our lifestyle. Unhealthy food habits make us put on weight. Understand your unique diet and unlearn unhealthy habits. Learn how to feel better in your body.
7. Spirituality & Mind: We are spiritual beings. Holistic healing, however, can only be found when understanding God’s love for us. Prayers and meditation help us reconnect with the very essence of life. Learn how to feel whole.

You can gain multiple benefits from practicing yoga on a regular basis. Yoga clients report better sleep, increased energy levels and muscle tone, relief from muscle pain, back problems and stiffness, weight loss, improved circulation and overall better general health.