Last Wednesday a new yoga student asked me what exactly it means to breathe into a particular body part. His seemingly simple question deals with the very essence of yoga. As you can imagine it’s hard to explain this in just a few sentences.

Yoga is a body-and-mind practice led by the breath. And if you take it seriously, it could be the beginning of livelong transformation.

In hatha yoga we breathe through the nose. Long and deep regular breaths replace shallow and short breathing patterns. Inhalation as well as exhalation become a conscious effort. Ideally you notice the shape of your cavities change. You understand the function of the diaphragm in the process of respiration. And you listen to the sound of your breathing.

We begin to bring utmost focus to the most inherent processes of our bodies. The breath allows us to connect at a deeper level and helps us reveal the more profound aspects of our yoga practice. We get a better understanding of our bodies and we are calmer. By increasing the flow of oxygen we not only revitalize our bodies but promote healing and recreation.

On the yoga mat we can start to change our lives off the mat. We learn to unlearn. And the breath here is key. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the breath equally constitutes the most important pillar of the Chi’s Yoga Method™.

Practice with me and learn how to breathe correctly.

Has your breathing become very shallow? Do you sometimes stop breathing for more seconds than is healthy? Do you feel you want to be taught how to breathe and be more aware of your breath?

I do personalized healthy yoga. Let me help you with a healthy yoga sequence customized to you! Click here for your online quiz. What do you have to lose except your pain?

Info about Me
I’m Chi. I’ve always been passionate about healing and empowerment.
I work as a catalyst for personal transformation. I help you explore the best version of yourself, and yoga is a fantastic tool to accomplish that goal. I am a certified yoga therapist and a classically trained jazz vocalist, and I hold a Ph.D. in Communications. I look forward to practicing with you!

How To Breathe Correctly