Yoga is not mystical. In fact, the journey of yoga is very concrete. It takes us through our physical bodies. And while we connect with the different body parts and our breath circulates, we let go. The mind becomes still while breath and body move. A yoga practice is about the integration of body, mind and breath.

Yoga, hence, becomes an embodied experience of spirituality (from the Latin ‘spiritus’ – meaning breath or breathing). A deeper level of practice can only be attained by understanding breath and body more profoundly. Poses function as a vehicle to connect body, mind and breath and unfortunately, this meditative state can hardly be conveyed by practising with a DVD or an app.

According to Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews the practice of asana (pose) becomes a way of uncovering the intrinsic order that nature put in place. Yoga can help us identify and resolve some of the obstacles that hinder balanced and healthy living.

Most of the time our bodies, minds and breaths are not in sync. Either Lagos’ traffic suffocates us, or our minds travel to work facing the tasks ahead while we still find ourselves in the comfort of our homes. Or we make a phone call while the other line rings and our minds begin to wonder what the other caller might want. We are scattered. And we are stressed. In Lagos, really, there is always wahala.

When you practise yoga on a regular basis, you won’t be able to eliminate stressors from your life. Rather, you will be able to manage them in a healthier way. You will learn how to harmonise breath, body and mind not only when you practice.

The harmony of body, mind and breath allows us to live a more peaceful life. An integration of all three elements can become your second nature.

Chi’s Yoga helps you understand your body’s language.

You are blessed.

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Body, Mind And Breath: How to Understand Your Body’s Language