Chi’s Yoga is your personalized healthy yoga. It is our mission to help you own your yoga. We understand that everyBODY is different. And so is your yoga. Your yoga is yours only!™

Born from a passion of wanting to produce a space for healing in Lagos, Nigeria, Chi’s Yoga provides personalized yoga classes that focus on the individual wants and needs of each student.

We offer private and studio classes for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.

Chi’s Yoga merges the best of Hatha Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Pilates, and Alexander Technique.

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Yoga is still relatively new to Lagos. We encourage you to spread the good news of this healing, calming, and restorative practice. Bring a friend and introduce them to the inspiring freedom and peace of mind, soul, and body that yoga provides.

You are welcome to join our yoga classes in Lagos and experience Chi’s Yoga. If you can’t make it to class, practice with us online and watch all videos from Chi’s Yoga here.