Do you work and sit and stress a lot? Have your neck and shoulders begun to bother you?
But wouldn’t you actually like to relieve your neck and shoulder pain and fix your posture as well?

Has your breathing become very shallow?
Do you feel you want to be taught how to breathe and be more aware of your breath?

Have you had a back injury or herniated disk? Do you think that most workout classes are over the top for you? Too much too soon and not a good fit with the limitations you have?
But you’d actually like to feel a difference: Stronger core, better stamina, more flexibility, and a decrease in pain?

Do you have a great deal of trouble with balance and standing? Or have you had issues with ankle sprains?
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could regain your balance without falling when next you trip? Wouldn’t it be great to have more confidence?

You have never tried any yoga before? Are the phrases that are normally suggested during yoga routines beyond you, leaving you wondering why these words cannot be in English?
You seek a pleasing yoga practice that is definitely not hard on the eyes. You know that it won’t be easy for you, but you want to give it a try?

Are you a yoga beginner seeking a no-nonsense approach to yoga?
But you actually are not trying to push the yoga envelope! You merely want to stay limber, healthy, and focused.

Do your online quiz and get customized workouts for your specific health condition. What do you have to lose except your pain?

Do your online quiz here! It is absolutely free for you.

What is the online quiz?
The online quiz is a simple health check. It is a questionnaire that helps us understand the condition of your body. This information will help me design your customized workouts. You will receive your results via email.

What is The Body Conditioner?
The Body Conditioner is a series of customized workouts. After receiving your quiz results you will get free access to 10 videos of 10 minutes each for 10 days in a row. Practice 10 mins every day and feel better. The Body Conditioner gives you simple workouts that are easy to follow.

Do your free online quiz, submit your questionnaire, and receive free customized yoga training designed to relieve your unique health concerns.

What do you have to lose except your pain?

Check out the video below to understand what The Body Conditioner is all about!

Do your online quiz here! It is absolutely free for you.

Info about Me
I’m Chi. I’ve always been passionate about healing and empowerment.
I work as a catalyst for personal transformation. I help you explore the best version of yourself, and yoga is a fantastic tool to accomplish that goal. I am a certified yoga therapist and a classically trained jazz vocalist, and I hold a Ph.D. in Communications.

Chi’s Yoga fundamentally is about breath, mind, and body work. We teach you the principles of holistic healing and transformation and encourage you to become your own best teacher. I really look forward to practicing with you!