Do you work and sit and stress a lot? Are you suffering of severe back pain, insomnia, or fatigue? Does your neck hurt? Has your breathing become very shallow? Are your shoulders stiff and hips tight? Have you had a severe injury or chronic knee pain? Do you feel anxious or depressed? Do you have arthritis, sciatica, hernia, or a slipped disk? Do you feel your yoga poses are all wrong? Or do you want to lose weight?

Then Radical Healing, Radical Transformation (RHRT)™ gets yoga to click for you.

I think the biggest frustration is when we can’t go deep enough. A single private or group class often doesn’t allow enough space to go deeper and explain things further.

RHRT™ gives us time and space to heal. It is a personalized and very exclusive 6-week program that helps provide you with a way of life that enhances who you really are. This is your opportunity to truly change. Twelve one-on-one 60-min yoga classes over the period of 6 weeks will help you understand the very essence of yoga. All this in the comfort of your own home!

This program is NOT for everyone. And it clearly is not for Bikram lovers and work-out freaks. No new age mumbo jumbo! RHRT™ is for yoga beginners and intermediate practitioners who want to stop fixing and start healing. It is for those who want to overcome depression without pumping their bodies with chemicals. It is for those who want to be their own chiropractor. It is for those who want to understand the very essence of yoga. This program is for everyone who seeks to own her or his yoga. Spend time healing!

This Is How It Works

Radical healing how it works


11th cycle: 20 August to 23 December 2018 (FULLY BOOKED!)

10th cycle: 1 July to 12 August 2018 (FULLY BOOKED!)

9th cycle: 16 April to 13 June 2018 (FULLY BOOKED!)

8th cycle: 5 March to 15 April 2018 (FULLY BOOKED!)

7th cycle: 8 January to 17 February 2018 (FULLY BOOKED!)

6th cycle: 4 September to 9 December 2017 (FULLY BOOKED!)

5th cycle: 31 July to 3 September 2017 (FULLY BOOKED!)

4th cycle: 12 June to 23 July 2017 (FULLY BOOKED!)

3rd cycle: 17 April to 27 May 2017 (FULLY BOOKED!)

2nd cycle: 27 February to 8 April 2017 (FULLY BOOKED!)

1st cycle: 9 January to 18 February 2017 (FULLY BOOKED!)

Have you ever wondered what a one to one yoga class actually looks like? Check it out here!

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Looking forward to practicing with you!