Hi! I’m Chi. Welcome to Chi’s Yoga!
I’ve always been passionate about healing and empowerment.

I work as a catalyst for personal transformation. I help you explore the best version of yourself. And yoga is a fantastic tool. I am a certified yoga therapist, a classically trained jazz vocalist, and I hold a Ph.D. in Communications.

The best way to get to know me is to read my blog. Please click here to understand What My Clients Know That You Don’t.

Chi’s Yoga is your personalized healthy yoga. It is our mission to help you own your yoga. We understand that everyBODY is different. And so is your yoga. Your yoga is yours only!™ Start your yoga journey today and watch all Chi’s Yoga videos here.

I really look forward to practicing with you!

Olayinka has a background in software consulting and supports technology-based businesses. She is widely read and loves exploring innovations. Olayinka answers all your inquiries, makes bookings and reservations, and listens to any other suggestion you might have. She handles every inquiry with the aim of ensuring you are happy.